Know Your Acronyms

Long-term Care Ombudsman Program Acronym List
AAAdministration on Aging
AAAArea Agency on Aging
ADCAdult Day Care
ADHCAdult Day Health Care (Currently known as CBAS: Community Based Adult Services)
ADLActivities of Daily Living
AHCDAdvance Health Care Directives
AMAAgainst Medical Advice
APSAdult Protective Services
ARFAdult Residential Facility
CANHRCalifornia Advocates of Nursing Home Reform
CBASCommunity Based Adult Services (Formally known as ADHC: Adult Day Health Care)
CCCCoalition for Compassionate Care
CCLCommunity Care Licensing
CCRCContinuing Care Retirement Communities
CDACalifornia Department of Aging
CDPH/DPHCalifornia Department of Public Health (Previously known as DHS: Department of Health Services)
CHFCongestive Heart Failure
CLTCOACalifornia Long-Term Care Ombudsman Association
CLTCOPCalifornia Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
CMSCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CMS-2567Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction
CNACertified Nursing Assistant
COLACost of Living Adjustment
CPRCardiopulmonary resuscitation
DMFEADepartment of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse
DNRDo Not Resuscitate (Also known as Allow Natural Death)
DOBDate of Birth
DOJDepartment of Justice
DONDirector of Nurses
DPDistinct Part Facility
DP/SNFDistinct Part/Skilled Nursing Facility
DPOADurable Power of Attorney
DSSDepartment of Social Services
DSSDirector of Social Services
DVDomestic Violence
EJAElder Justice Act
G-tubeGastrostomy tube
HIPPAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 
HMOsHealth Maintenance Organizations
IADLInstrumental Activities of Daily Living
ICFIntermediate Care Facility
ICF/DDIntermediate Care Facility/Developmentally Disabled
ICF/DD-HIntermediate Care Facility/Developmentally Disabled-Habilitative
ICF/DD-NIntermediate Care Facility/Developmentally Disabled-Nursing
IMDInstitution for the Mentally Disabled/ Institutes for Mental Disease
LPALicensing Program Analyst (CCL)
LTCLong-term Care
LTCOLong-term Care Ombudsman
LVNLicensed Vocational Nurse
MARMedication Administration Record
MDSMinimum Data Set: Standardized assessment and care planning tool
NASLTCOPNational Association of State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
NATNussance Abetiment Team
NCCNHRNational Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
NORSNational Ombudsman Reporting System
OAAOlder Americans Act
ODINOmbudsman Data Integration Network
OTOccupational Therapy
P&I/PNAPersonal and Incidental Needs Allowance
PETPsychiatric Emergency Team
PMRTPsychiatric Mobile Response Team
POCPlan of Correction
POLSTPhysician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment
PRN"Pro re nata" Latin for "As needed"
PSA 19Planning and Service Area 19: Los Angeles County
PSA 25Planning and Service Area 25: Los Angeles City
PSAsPlanning and Service Areas
PTPhysical Therapy
RCFEResidential Care Facilities for the Elderly
RNRegistered Nurse
RPPResidential Placement Protocol
SLTCOPState Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SOC-341State of California- Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse
SSISupplemental Security Income
SSPState Supplemental Payment
TCUTransitional Care Unit
WICWelfare and Institutions Code