How WISE & Healthy Aging Can Help

by | Jan 22, 2023 | Institutional | 0 comments

The Ombudsman Program is an advocacy group of trained professionals who help protect and ensure the quality of care of individuals living in long-term care facilities. Ombudsmen educate residents and their families about their rights in these facilities, help to resolve complaints, and address a variety of issues.

Complaints an Ombudsman Can Address:

• Staff are rough when providing care
• Staff are discourteous • Not getting mail or phone calls
• Questions about Medicare or Medi-Cal are not being answered
• Wrong medications are given or at the wrong time
• Nutrition and dietary concerns
• Heating or air conditioning problems
• Activities are boring, or the only activity is watching television
• Personal property is lost or stolen
• Slow response to call lights
• They have not seen a physician in months
• Hearing aids and/or eyeglasses are missing
• Residents’ rights are being ignored
• Lack of participation in the care plan
• Abuse and neglect
• Inappropriate unsafe transfers and discharges
• Issues with physical therapy
• Discrimination against residents in the LGBTQ community